Zeromutarts CTF

Welcome to the Zeromutarts CTF 2016!

This is a beginner level CTF. Although our primary target audience (in terms of difficulty) are new students of computer science at the TU Braunschweig, anyone who enjoys a challenge is welcome to test their skills. The CTF will run for several weeks, from October 1st.


  • Flags have the form flag{this_is_a_flag}, and should be submitted as such.
  • Feel free to form a team with other interested people.
  • Don't cheat, don't ask for solutions, and don't "trade" flags with other teams.
  • Don't ddos or hack our services.
  • Join the IRC chat at #zeromutarts on (if you want.)
  • Have fun (if you want.)


Your web design sucks!
That's not even a question!
Who are you?
We are a decidedly independent organization, only loosely associated with the TUBS.
Right. So, who are you?
Finding us is one of the challenges ;)
What are (local) challenges?
Those can only be solved on-site in Brunswick. Sorry :)
I think there is a problem with a challenge, where can I whine complain?
Come ask us on IRC! (see above)
Can we get a custom affiliation/scoreboard for our peeps?
Sure, just ask us on irc